Get to Know Your Hair Stylist with These Questions

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Maybe you’re in the market for a new hair stylist but aren’t sure how to find one that has the right vibe for your personal style. Plus, let’s be honest — your hair stylist might double as a listening ear on an especially stressful day. That’s why choosing the right one is a big decision, both for the health of your hair and your overall satisfaction with your look.

Get to Know Your Hair Stylist with These Questions

While all our hair stylists at Salon Povera know their stuff, it’s perfectly valid to want to learn more about who you’re letting cut and style your hair. Start with these questions to get to know your hair stylist a lot better:

  1. What styles do you think would look best on me? This is a great question for when you enter the salon completely stumped about what you want next. Who knows? They might suggest something fantastic you never would’ve dreamed up on your own.
  2. What do you wish your clients would stop doing to their hair? This could be more of a commentary on the health of your hair or even just a bad habit that you’ll be better off without.
  3. How much maintenance will my new style require? This is an important thing to know, depending on how much time you’re willing and able to spend getting ready each morning and how often you’ll have to come back to the salon for a touch-up.

Our stylists are trained to go with the flow, innovate, and help you find your mojo again if life’s got you down. Visit us anytime or reach out to learn more about how we can get you looking and feeling your best again.