Have you tried our new hair color and hair care product brand, Davines?

Here at Salon Povera, we want to make everyone who comes through our doors feel confident in their own look by the time they leave. Our client-focused mentality has ensured that your experience with our stylists will be a unique and enjoyable one. We are always looking for the best in products for our clients, and that includes hair coloring. We only use brands that we ourselves trust and believe in, and we are excited to announce our new Davines brand partnership.


Looking to create a positive impact on the environment, Davines has gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary packaging and has carefully chosen ingredients that are effective, but kind. With semi-permanent hair coloring choices that are bold, vibrant and penetrating without leaving your hair feeling dull, brassy or flat, you can get gorgeous hair from carefully formulated coloring that is made from 93% natural ingredients. With amazing shine and strength, you will love this product!

Our new line of Davines products doesn’t just stop at hair coloring, but also extends to products that include shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, body treatments, serums, creams and more. We have a wealth of products that are all specifically formulated for different hair types and scalp concerns, each with the intent of making your hair and scalp healthier than ever.

If you are looking to try out something kind to the environment and your hair at your next appointment, please contact us today here at Salon Povera to learn more about our newest brands! We look forward to seeing you soon.