What Hue Are You? What Your Hair Color Says About Your Personality

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What Hue Are You? What Your Hair Color Says About Your PersonalityAlthough your hair color doesn’t define who you are, the shades you’re drawn to when you visit our hair salon for a color change give us clues about what makes you unique. Let’s decode what the color of your strands is saying about the inner you. 

  • Black. If your hair is the color of a moonless night sky, you exude a quiet confidence. Your dark tresses reflect mystery and allure. As a black-haired beauty, you tend to be independent, sophisticated, and introspective. You don’t crave the spotlight, but when it shines on you, you glow from within.
  • Brunette/Brown. Known for being down-to-earth and approachable, brunettes are the steadfast, supportive friends we all wish for. Your rich brown strands indicate a reliable, dedicated spirit. Uncomplicated and real, you live life with purpose, embracing what matters most: family, community, and using your gifts to help others.
  • Blonde. If golden tones crown your head, people see you as relaxed, expressive, and carefree. As a blonde, you breeze through life, smiling often and making the most of each day. You are often perceived as approachable, energetic, and free-spirited, with a definite flirty side!
  • Red. When your hair burns fiery red, it signals there’s a bold firecracker within. Your crimson locks reflect an adventuresome spirit with passion, charm, and a little bit of sass. Redheads emanate confidence with their standout color that can’t help but command attention.
  • Bold, Non-Natural Colors. If you dare to dye your hair a vivid, head-turning hue like purple, blue, or pink, you’re announcing your uniqueness to the world. It shows you’re not afraid to embrace individuality and feel confident doing your own thing. We salute your bold choice to experiment.

So, while your hair color doesn’t define you, it does hint at inner qualities that make you you. At Salon Povera, our exceptional hair colorists are here to make sure your color matches your personality perfectly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.