Crop It Like It's Hot: Four of the Freshest Men’s Haircuts Right Now

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In the world of men’s haircuts, change is always coming in fast and fierce. Out with the old, in with bold crops that make a statement.

Here are four hair stylist-approved styles that you need on your radar:

  1. The Pompadour. One of the more retro men’s haircuts, this gravity-defying classic is seeing a major revival. It works for many face shapes and hair types by generating height and volume up top with a high fade or undercut on the sides. Ask your hair stylist for a textured crop that you can style up and away from your forehead. With a bit of hair care products, they should be able to control and mold the pomp into place.

The Pompadour

  1. The Fade. No men’s cut pushes the envelope quite like a sharp fade. Go for a high, mid, low or tapered fade that quickly transitions from short to long hair up top for extra flair. Fades look best on curly or coily hair textures, and their versatile looks complement square and angular faces.

The Fade

  1. The Hockey Cut. Also known as the hockey hair mullet, this edgy style combines business up front and party in the back. It keeps hair longish on top while tapering the sides and back dramatically. The hockey cut works best on guys with thick, full hair who aren’t afraid of making a statement.

The Hockey Cut

  1. The Quiff. For gents who want a polished yet casual style, this is your cut. The quiff features short sides and back with longer hair swept up and away from the forehead. It flatters oval and heart-shaped faces and is perfect for someone who understands the elegance of a somewhat rugged look.

The Quiff

Gents, it’s time to take the plunge with one of these scene-stealing men’s haircuts. Let our professional stylists here at Salon Povera work their magic to craft a look that shows off your best features. The only question is: which trend will you rock?