Here are some options for cuts, colors, and lighting from simplest and most affordable to more complex and time-consuming with elevated pricing options:

Haircuts range from $50-$70

  • Katie: $50
  • Erica: $50
  • Skye: $60
  • Tice: $60
  • Patrick: $70

Dry cuts (coming in with clean-ish hair that can be smoothed or worked with easily): $60-$65

Men’s cuts: $30-$45

Retouch colors: $70-$85

Retouch with a cut: $115-$140

The following services a receive a complimentary styling but do not include a haircut. A haircut has an additional service charge with pricing previously listed:

All-over color: $100-$120

All-over color with a cut: $145-$175

Blowdry styles: $45

Formal styling: $65-$110

New blonde highlight upgrade service: $40
It shifts the natural level of hair by a level or so and brightens your natural tones. (No blow dry included without a haircut)

Brighten your fringe: $50
5-8 foils around the hair line. (No blow dry without a haircut)

Partial highlight: $90-$110
Lightening the top rounds of the head shape.

Full highlight: $110-$125
Lightening to shape form of the head on all its curves.

All-over highlift color blonde: $75-$90
Helps create a rich, natural, golden hue to the hair that looks like the sun did you a favor all summer long, without actually being in the summer sun!**

The full blonde service: $110-$140
A full decolorization of the natural hair color to a pale shade of blonde, then toned with a perfect tone to polish the look! (This is best as a retouch to maintain blonde hair)**

** To achieve this, we may have to do some corrective work, and the initial pricing could be higher. Then the price will reflect what is quoted.

For corrective and creative services ,we charge an hourly range depending on stylist from $85-$125. These services require a consultation and a credit card hold for services. We can charge a 50% deposit on these services.

Perms are by quote and are usually an hourly rate charge of $100 per hour.

Extension services require a consultation. All hair will be pre-purchased at charged to the guest, and we will charge installation and re-taping service fees at $85 per hour of service.