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The simple new way to get bolder, fuller lashes.

Your lashes are lacking, and you dream of having a full lash line with bold, black, full and perfectly curled lashes. Option 1: You deal with your sparse lashes and pull out your eyelash curler and trusty tube of mascara every morning without the results you really want. Option 2: You shell out hundreds to have eyelash extensions applied and filled on a regular basis, and while you get the results you want, you wonder how long you can keep this up.

Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner in Durham, North Carolina

Did you know there’s an option 3 that’s way better than both options 1 and 2?! The Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner System is what lash dreams are made of, and it’s why we’re excited to offer it at Salon Povera in Durham, North Carolina. What’s so great about this magnetic lash liner system? Here are our favorite things about it:

  • Application is easy – Just apply the gel liner like you would regular liner and place the fake lashes into place. The special liner is smudge free, too, so you don’t have to worry about your lashes hanging off in certain spots.
  • Wearing the lashes is comfortable—The lashes that come with the Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner System are so comfortable you won’t even notice you’re sporting fake lashes!
  • It’s affordable—The cost of eyelash extensions is crazy, but you can use your Ardell magnetic lashes time and time again with great results.

Easy and effortless, the Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner System is your answer to bolder, fuller, beautiful lashes. Got questions? Call us at Salon Povera and we’d be happy to help!

At Salon Povera, we offer Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner products to residents of Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, and Apex, North Carolina.