Balayage Highlights: Learn What They Really are & How to Say It (Correctly)

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Balayage Highlights: Learn What They Really are & How to Say It (Correctly)There have been trends in the hair styling world as long as time can recall. However, there has rarely been a trend so sought after without anyone even knowing how to ask for them. Balayage highlights are a beautiful color option for your hair, but before you request them, let us help you know what they are and how to say the word.

Balayage, pronounced BAHL-EE-AHGE, is a highlighting technique from France. The French term literally means sweeping, which describes the motion used when applying the color. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage highlights are usually done without the aid of foils or a cap. Instead, the stylist uses a sharp eye to determine the placement of the color. The color is usually applied starting at the ends then working up towards the midline or root of the hair at varying levels. This technique must be carefully practiced and can therefore be more expensive than other coloring techniques.

What is the appeal to balayage? Similar to traditional highlights, when applying balayage highlights, not every hair is colored, leaving some with their natural tone. The hair that is colored has varying placements so as to not create a line. This is desirable for many people because, first it creates a much more natural look, similar to a young child’s hair after spending a lot of time in the sun. Secondly, without a defined line, clients can go longer between colors without noticing a big change at the root.

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