Fall in Love With Your New Balayage Highlights!

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Balayage highlights are similar to traditional highlights because they are both painted on. What sets Balayage highlights apart from traditional highlights is that they are done in a way that is more natural and mimics your hair’s natural response to lightening from the sun. We are confident that you will love and adore your balayage highlights and also appreciate the awesome benefits of this new trend. The benefits that you will be rocking around the block include:

  • Healthier Hair – Your hair will feel and look healthier with balayage highlights because we will only be applying product to portions of your hair. This allows your hair to maintain is softness and health.

Fall in Love With Your New Balayage Highlights!

  • Low Maintenance – If you like to spread out your salon appointments, then this is for you! When your hair grows out, you won’t be left with an ugly line of new growth.
  • Safe – If you have a sensitivity to hair dye or are pregnant, have no fear! We have you covered. Balayage highlights are safe for people with sensitivities because the hair product never touches your scalp. Hooray!
  • Versatile – Balayage highlights can be done to make a noticeable statement or a subtle change that everyone will be eyeing. There are many options in this fun and creative process.

If you are ready to try something new and fun, then we recommend trying balayage highlights. Give us a call at Salon Povera to schedule your next balayage appointment.