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The Highlights of Balayage HighlightsBalayage highlights have been around for a while, but many people are still not sure exactly what they are, or even how to say the word – trust us, we’ve heard all sorts of entertaining attempts. At Salon Povera, we offer many high-end coloring treatments, including balayage highlights, by expertly trained hair colorists. Let us give you a few highlights on what they are.

Balayage (pronounced Bah-lee-ahge) is a coloring method developed in France in the 1960s or 70s. It began to gain some popularity in California in the late 1990s, but really made an impact when model Gisele Bundchen appeared with the coloring style at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Since then, people have been on the hunt for stylists who can help them achieve these beautiful, natural-looking highlights.

While traditional foil highlights provide distinct contrast in hair sections, the goal of balayage highlights is to create a softer, multidimensional look. Typically done without foils, balayage highlights provide the contrast without visible stripes.

What gives balayage highlights most of their popularity is that the look appears more natural, like a child’s hair that has been naturally highlighted by the sun while playing on the beach. The color does not go all the way to the root in most spots, thus eliminating clear signs of grow out.

Because the technique is more stylized, it requires specialized training and a great deal of practice. If you are interested in balayage highlights, it is important that you go to a hair colorist who has the needed experience. Our salon is the right place to go to learn more about balayage and to get the color treatment done correctly. Afterwards, we’re sure you’ll agree it is worthy of all the hype. Call us today to set up your balayage appointment.