5 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

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If you have thick hair, people with thin hair likely envy yours and all the options you have for hairstyles. However, you might struggle to know what kinds of haircuts suit you and how you should style and maintain them. Maintenance can be tough for those of you out there who have thick hair, but we have a few ideas for low-maintenance haircuts for you:

5 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Women with Thick Hair

1. Curtain Bangs- These bangs have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Typically, women with curtain bangs will sport a middle part with effortless strands of hair on both sides that frame their face like a window. Styling them doesn’t take long whether you use a blow dryer and round brush or let your bangs air dry. They still look great once they’ve grown out, too.

2. Blunt Bangs- Thick, blunt bangs look fantastic on thick hair. The weight of your hair should help to keep your bangs in place, so you won’t have to worry about them separating and looking stringy—that means less maintenance, in case it wasn’t clear before.

3. Long Layers- Asking your hair stylist for long layers is a great idea if you have thick hair because this haircut will take some weight off the bottom while adding volume to the top and helping your haircut look more balanced overall. Long layers grow out seamlessly and make styling easy.

4. Pixie Cut- If you take the phrase “low-maintenance haircut” very seriously, maybe the solution is to just have less hair to deal with. Pixie cuts are known for being easy to style, and they look great on women of all ages, especially if you have thick hair.

5. Long Bob- If you prefer a medium length hairstyle, a lob is one of the most popular haircuts for people with thick hair. Lobs tend to be more textured than a regular bob, and they look great even when they look a little messy, so you don’t have to spend forever styling it.