Haircuts That are Beautiful for Thin Hair

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When you have thick, wavy locks of hair, you have plenty of options as to how you can style your hair. Because of the natural volume of thick hair, it’s easy to choose a style that will look great. However, when you have thinner or thinning hair, it’s trickier to find hairstyles that don’t fall flat. Here at Salon Povera, we want everyone to look and feel their best after leaving our salon, and we have a few suggestions that can help your thinner hair give the appearance of volume.

Longer haircuts for people with thin hair are hard

The best thing to do for short hair is to carefully consider the cut. Longer haircuts for people with thin hair are hard, since the weight of your hair will pull your hair to an even flatter, less voluminous state than it is already. Short hair or shoulder length hair is a great choice, since the shorter length will be easier to make appear voluminous. Cuts like the pixie haircut are not only wonderfully low maintenance but can be great for women with thin hair. Additionally, a wavy shoulder-length option is a great style for all ages and stages. If you are looking for a little more drama, try a deep side part or an asymmetrical bob haircut to give some interest to shorter hair without requiring volume.

Once you have decided upon a cut, talk with your stylist about the best options for styling that will match your lifestyle. If you want to go longer between salon visits, layers can grow out more naturally than a straight cut. You’ll also want to consider your styling products carefully, since too much product or the wrong products can weigh down your hair further.

At Salon Povera, we would love to help your thinner hair shine. If you have questions about haircuts, products or styles, give us a call today!