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If you have ever left a hair salon dissatisfied with your hair style or color, you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and even sadder is that it doesn’t have to! Getting your hair colored is no different than hiring any consultant, contractor, or other professional in that communication is key. Your hair colorist cannot read your mind, so it is important that you follow a few tips, so they are able to envision what you want and achieve the proper results.

work with a hair colorist here at Salon Povera

  • Allow Enough Time- It can take far longer than a typical appointment if you are doing something drastic. Be sure to tell the hair salon what you have in mind so that the appropriate amount of time can be set aside. While some colors can be accomplished in a couple hours, going from a very dark color to a very light one, for example, will take longer.
  • Bring Photos or an Example- While you might not find the exact hair style you are going for with the same combination of colors you want, you can show photos of the different ones you want, such as one for the main color and another for the highlights. With the vibrant new colors out there today, you don’t even have to show a hair photo – just grab anything you want to mimic, such as your favorite flower, an article of clothing, or something else.
  • Arrange a Consultation Beforehand- It never hurts to have your hair evaluated beforehand to make sure what you have in mind is doable and so you can be given an estimate of the amount of time it will take. This is especially helpful with dramatic color transformations.
  • Learn How to Preserve the Color- One of the most common complaints a hair colorist receives is when the color fades really fast and they blame the hair colorist. The reality is that you need to understand how to preserve the color, such as limiting your shampoo use to 3 or 4 times a week, using color-treated shampoo alternatives, avoiding heat tools without a heat protector, avoiding sun and saltwater, and using the right haircare products for your situation.

When you work with a hair colorist here at Salon Povera, you are working with an artist that will work diligently to create the look you desire. They’ll take the time for open communication and go over how to care for your new hair color with the wonderful products we have from R+Co, Oribe, and other industry leaders. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or hair coloring appointment with a hair colorist that is committed to making you look fabulous.