3 Things Your Hair Colorist Wants You to Know

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Whether you color your hair regularly or you are thinking of doing it for the first time, we want to offer you a bit of advice, so you can get the best possible results. Too often, people attempt to DIY color their hair, or they don’t communicate well with their hair colorist, and let’s just say they tend not to be happy with the outcome. To help you avoid the worst, here are three things your hair colorist wants you to know before you come to your salon appointment:

3 Things Your Hair Colorist Wants You to Know

1. Patience is key to coloring your hair. Coloring your hair could take several hours depending on its length, natural color, and condition, so don’t schedule lunch with your girlfriends an hour after your appointment begins or they’ll have to hang out without you. You should also know that getting your hair to your ideal color could take a few appointments, and you shouldn’t expect immediate results. However, the wait will be worth it.

2. Box dyes probably aren’t worth the trouble. While the cost savings you can get by coloring your hair with a box dye might be appealing to you, you might end up disappointed. It’s easy to make a mistake when you aren’t a professional, and it’s going to cost you less to trust a professional hair colorist in the first place than it will if you have to come in after you’ve made a splotchy mess for us to fix.

3. Bring lots of photos to your appointment. It’s important to communicate clearly with your hair colorist, so be sure to bring lots of photos of what hair color you want to your appointment and be prepared to discuss what you like about them specifically.