The Difference Between High-End Salon Services and a Chain

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There are many places you make appointments at that make you anxious and fearful – doctors, dentists, income tax preparers, job interviews, and lawyers are prime examples. When it comes to getting quality hair salon services, anxiety should be the last thing you experience. It is all too common to feel that way when you visit a chain hair salon, usually because you have no idea who will be taking care of you, what kind of experience they have, and how committed to your satisfaction they are. That is rarely the case when you go to a high-end salon for hair salon services. Here are some other differences between the two.

to experience tailor-made hair salon services

  • Experience- Chain salons fill the niche of being inexpensive and the only way they can achieve that is to hire hairdressers right out of school. As a result, you might get a great hair cut one time and be disappointed the next time. Hair salon services at a high-end salon will be done by the best of the best and they support continuing education for their stylists so you can be confident you will get consistent results.
  • Hair Products- While you’ll often find exceptional quality hair care products for sale at both chains and high-end salons, the difference is that they often don’t use them at the chains, just sell them. Instead, they use lower-priced products so they can keep their prices low. Chances are that they might not even have the best products for sale either.
  • Tools & Techniques- A high-end salon is diligent about supplying their stylists with the best tools available and helping their stylists be knowledgeable about which tools work the best.
  • Customer Care- When you go to a chain, the person you see is not looking at you as a long-term customer. You are just one more head they have to deal with that day. With a high-end salon, they are very interested in keeping you as a customer and this is reflected in the high level of customer care you’ll receive.
  • Number of Services- You won’t find the more complex or trendy services at a chain. If you are looking for balayage, for example, you will need to go to a high-end salon.

Here at Salon Povera, our clients can always expect to experience tailor-made hair salon services provided by talented, experienced, and friendly professionals. We utilize the best hair care products and have them available so you can use them at home. We value consistency, affordability, and sustainability and we always strive to become even better every time you visit us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.