Balayage Hair Color, Apex, NC

There are many advantages to choosing balayage hair color options.

One of the movements in hair coloring over the last decade is balayage hair color, and it is one that many of our clients are very interested in. If you are still contemplating your next look, here are a few things about balayage hair color that might put it into the running for your next appointment.

Balayage Hair Color in Apex, North Carolina

First, balayage hair color is more low-maintenance than other types of coloring and highlights. Because of the way the highlights and coloring are applied, you end up with a finished product that looks natural and grows out very naturally. This makes it far less obvious than traditional highlights if you haven’t had a chance to touch up your coloring.

Second, balayage hair coloring is safer for certain groups of people. If you have very sensitive skin, allergies to colorings or are pregnant and worried about traditional coloring, you can get balayage highlights and colors without worry. Since balayage hair color usually doesn’t make contact with the scalp, it’s a safe option for these specific categories and anyone else who simply like the look of balayage.

Third, because balayage hair coloring is often done with fewer colored areas than traditional highlight processing, you end up with hair that is healthier and less processed than more standard highlighting methods with equally attractive results.

Finally, you and your hair stylist can customize your balayage hair color to be as deep or as minimal as you would like. Balayage is meant to mimic natural highlights that your hair would have and can be tweaked to be more subtle or more obvious, depending on your preferences.

If you are in the Apex, North Carolina area and are interested in learning more about this hair-coloring technique, please give us a call today at Salon Povera.

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