Why You Should Get Your Hair Care Products at a Salon

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high-quality hair care productsThere have always been staunch supporters on each side of the debate about where you should purchase your hair care products. If you believe the advertisements for those sold at stores, their products are equal or even better while being far less costly. If you believe the professionals in the hair industry, the hair care products at the stores are not even close to being a suitable substitute for salon products. While it is true that both have similar ingredients, there is as much difference between the two as box wine is from a 1947 bottle of Château Cheval Blanc, which incidentally is the most expensive single bottle of wine ever sold.

If you are one who wants to give your hair the best, you’ll never regret buying your hair care products at a salon. Here are some top reasons why that is the way to go.

  • Shampoo Value- Salon hair care products are far more concentrated, so you’ll use less every time you shampoo your hair. If you were to calculate the cost for the number of bottles it would take to equal what you’ll get from one from the salon, you will see that you’ve actually come out better in the long run.
  • Ingredients- While store brands are listening to the public and removing some of the harsher ingredients, they still tend to use plenty of fillers and ingredients you don’t want while not including the nourishing ingredients you do want. Salon hair care products are exceptionally formulated with quality ingredients that will make a big difference to your hair.
  • Support Community- When you buy hair care products at the store, you are supporting large corporations. When you purchase from a salon, you are supporting a community business, the stylist, and companies that support the salon industry and continually work to develop high-quality hair care products.
  • Professional Advice- Using the right hair care products for you is important if you want good results and who better to advise you than your hair stylist? If you’ve ever bought products from the store and threw them out because they didn’t perform, you can understand the value of getting the ideal products for your hair type and condition.

Here at Salon Povera, we offer high-quality hair care products from companies that we trust because we’ve seen how well they perform. With top brands like Oribe and R+Co, you can be confident you’ll get the results and value you deserve, and our stylists are happy to assist you with your selection. Feel free to inquire about our products when you are here for an appointment or stop by to replenish your supply whenever you are in the area.