Are Salon Hair Care Products Really Better?

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Have you ever gotten a great haircut and style from a salon, and then been frustrated when you can’t quite recreate the results at home? Many of us blame ourselves when this happens. Perhaps we are lacking in skills or practice. The answer to creating salon results at home, however, is often a sum of many different factors, the hair care products that were used being one of them! If you find yourself with lackluster hair a few days after the visit to the salon, it might be time to switch up your hair care products before you blame your skills.

Salon hair care products are more concentrated

Salon hair care products are almost always going to be more expensive than hair care products that you’ll find in the grocery store, which leads people to wonder if they are really worth the price. The answer is a resounding yes! Salon hair care products are more concentrated, so you get more use out of them. Rather than being watered down products like most drugstore products, you can use a smaller amount of salon products and get better results.

In addition to lasting longer, salon hair care products are carefully formulated for their purposes with better ingredients. While drugstore hair care products use inexpensive and somewhat harsh detergents in their shampoos, for example, salon hair care products use quality ingredients that are much gentler on your hair.

If you’ve been looking for salon quality hair at home, then start with salon quality hair care products! To learn more about the products that we have here at Salon Povera, give us a call today.