What Makes Salon Hair Care Products So Special?

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When you go to the salon, it’s not uncommon to come home wishing that your hair could feel this great every day! One of the differences between a salon experience and the hair care routine you might have at home is often in the hair care products which are used. So, you might be wondering what it is that makes salon hair care products so special? Here are a few key differences that you might notice with your own hair:

 variety of hair care products

First, salon hair care products are made with different ingredients. Because salon products will incorporate more vitamins and different cleansers that don’t strip your hair, you end up with cleaner hair that isn’t overly dried out.

Second, when you use salon hair care products, you are getting a more concentrated material. This means that you can use less and get the same result. While that bottle of shampoo or conditioner might cost you more up front, it will last much longer than a grocery store brand.

Finally, the quality of salon hair care products is simply much better. With better cleansers and even organic sourcing, you are getting a higher-quality, higher-potency product for your hair.

Here at Salon Povera, we have a variety of hair care products that we would love to tell you about. With brands that we know and trust such as R+Co, Oribe, Goldwell, Kerasilk and others, you are sure to get products that you’ll love. To learn more about our products or for help finding one that works for your hair, come and see us today.