What Hair Care Products Are Right For Your Hair?

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There are so many hair care products out there, it’s hard to know which ones you should be using in your hair. The hair care products you should be using depend on several different factors, including how you are styling your hair and the type and texture of your hair.

What Hair Care Products Are Right For Your Hair?

While you can always get personalized recommendations from your stylist, here is a general assessment of the hair care products you should use in your hair based on the type and texture:

  • Thick Hair– This type of hair is more prone to dryness, so hydrating hair care products are most helpful for it. Something to look for that can help hydrate hair is products with shea butter. Thick hair also tends to get frizzy more easily, so anti-frizz and smoothing products will help with this.
  • Fine Hair– Unfortunately, fine hair is more prone to breakage than other types of hair, so it requires gentle care. Fine hair also tends to have less volume and becomes greasier faster than other hair types. Hair care products that help fine hair are often advertised as weightless and contain different proteins and cellulose. Volumizing and anti-breakage products are also good to use for fine hair.
  • Medium Hair– This hair type is pretty optimal because it does not get dry or greasy very quickly. As far as hair care products, use what will help you achieve the look you desire. If you want a little more volume, there are a lot of volumizing products out there, as well as smoothing products if you are going for something sleeker.
  • Wavy and Curly Hair– This type of hair tends to be thicker and has the same problems as thick hair, as it is often dry and frizzy. There are many specialized hair care products for wavy and curly hair that will help with both of those problems.

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