New to the Area? Finding a Hair Salon to Coif Your ‘Do Like a Pro

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Moving is hard, there is no doubt about that! Between your new place and the old, it can be sad to leave an area behind, including people who you rely on such as your hair stylist. When you are working at making new friends and getting adjusted to a new area, you want to feel confident and comfortable. Great haircuts lead to comfortable confidence, and we here at Salon Povera would like to help you with some tips in finding a new salon in your area.

help you find a great hair salon

First, ask around for recommendations if you can. Find someone with hair that you like that is similar to yours (either in color, cut or style) and ask them if they would mind sharing their hair stylist with you. Many people will be flattered that you like their style enough to ask about their stylist and will dish gladly on their hair salon.

Second, look for something specific. Whether you are looking for someone who can deliver a great cut, works with curly hair or is known for mixing up wonderfully vibrant color options, search the area and ask potential stylists for pictures of their work in these areas.

Third, go for a tester cut. Even if you want to make a dramatic change, the first time at a new salon is not the time for experimenting! Try out the stylist with something similar to your current style and see how you feel about working with this person. Pay attention to how you feel. Are you comfortable with this person? Do you like the cut and color? Do you feel they understand your goals for your hair?

These are just a few tips that we hope will help you find a great hair salon in a new area. For more information or if you are new to our area, please get in touch with us at Salon Povera today.