Finding a Hair Salon that Embraces Your Natural Texture

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When you have curls or texture to your hair, it can be difficult to find a hair salon that not only knows how to care for your luscious locks, but also knows the best cuts and methods to bring out the natural beauty in your hair. If you are in the Durham, North Carolina area, you might want to consider our stylists and hair care experts at Salon Povera.

When you are looking for a hair salon

Finding a stylist who doesn’t want to fit you into a mold isn’t always easy. After all, it is far easier to recommend something that works for more hair types and that you have more experience with than it is to work with accommodating all different types of needs. However, when you work with our wonderful stylists, you will find that we want you to feel beautiful in your hair- no matter what that looks like! This is a stunning new concept for many people, particularly those with curls or texture, and we want to assist this group in showcasing their natural beauty.

When you are looking for a hair salon that embraces your natural texture, one of the things you will want to look for is stylist like ours. Our stylists ask a lot of questions about your haircare routine, understand why quality products work and can make recommendations, and know how to work with your natural curls and texture, rather than against these features of your hair. With the right cuts, products, and even styling recommendations (yes, you can skip the blow dryer!), we can make your natural texture shine through with your own unique look and beauty. Instead of hating your curly or textured locks, we want to help you start embracing your unique features. For more information about textured hair styles or to make an appointment, please give us a call today.