Everything You Need to Know About No-Ammonia Hair Color

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Ammonia has been used for a long time in hair care products to open the hair’s cuticles to prepare the hair for coloring. No-ammonia hair color still has lots of chemicals but is lacking ammonia. So, you might be asking why you should a no-ammonia hair color. It’s because no-ammonia hair colors are gentler on your hair. They use other oils and ingredients to keep your hair from becoming damaged. The smell is less irritating and less itchy on the scalp for many clients.

Everything You Need to Know About No-Ammonia Hair Color

So, you might be asking yourself, are the results the same? Yes! The results are the same, if not better. There is also a large color selection for no-ammonia hair color. The color will last just as well as traditional hair colors.

The upkeep for your hair with no-ammonia hair color is the same as any other hair color product. You will want to keep up on your roots, and that can be easily done with additional touch-ups using no-ammonia hair color.

If you are still on the fence about switching to a no-ammonia hair color, then we recommend you give it a try and see how you like it. We are pretty confident that you will love it. If by chance you do not, you can go back to your normal hair color products. As far as we can see, we only see added benefits of using no-ammonia products.

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