Curtain Bangs: A Trendy Haircut We Love!

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If you are like many people, you likely had a period of time earlier this year when you were stuck at home without access to a hair salon. The shutdown of both hairdressers and many businesses working from home had an interesting side effect: people cutting their own hair out of boredom. Suddenly, it seemed like the perfect chance to try something new with your hair, whether or not you necessarily had the skills! Many people during this time decided to try out bangs and quickly realized that it takes the trained skills of stylists like ours at Salon Povera to help you pull off the look and do it well. If you have been contemplating bangs or have been growing out the ones you cut yourself, we can help you get the look of a professional, attractive and very trendy haircut, complete with trendy, stylish curtain bangs.

considered to be one of several trendy haircuts

If you don’t want bangs that are very short (known colloquially as “baby bangs”) or are worried about your look with more blunt bangs, curtain bangs are a subtler approach to bangs. Combined with layers around the face, curtain bangs are flattering to all face shapes and hair styles, making them a great option if you want to try out bangs but are hesitant to try a harsher style. While curtain bangs are considered to be one of several trendy haircuts, it is one that doesn’t come with a drastic commitment. It looks great from day one and doesn’t need meticulous upkeep. If you decide you don’t like bangs as much as you thought you would, they grow out evenly and nicely whilst framing your lovely eyes and face.

Our hair salon in the Durham, North Carolina area is always looking for ways to help people feel their most attractive, most confident, and most in love with their hair and style. For more information about trendy haircuts, how to make the most of your quarantine hair style or for assistance with other haircare needs, please give us a call today.