Upgrade Your Service

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Most of us live on a budget. I know I do.. I travel quite a bit for work and I have a budget I have to stay in. With that being said I’m always looking for the best hotel the best flight at the best price!!! I’m not going to lie I found some really good deals. Last Thanksgiving we landed a deal at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Delray, was for an scheduled event in Santa Monica which got canceled. We had to change quite a bit around with that trip. We had to cancel all but the last night at the Ritz. We had a great trip in LA that week that we were there are super excited about our last night in Marina Delray. You see there’s something magical about the customer service at i Ritz Carlton. We got married that morning, it really was a shotgun wedding!! The Superior Court house in Norwalk, culture shock from Beverly Hills let me assure you. Upon arrival With kind words and refreshing drinks they welcomed us home and a escorted us into their foyer. Their manager ask is how her date went and what did we do we told them we got married, they smiled!! They said welcome home!!

The valet escorted us to a room with our luggage to The concierge level and opened a set of double doors to a suite that was beyond our dreams!! Shortly after they called up to say congratulations, to let us know that we have dinner reservations in the restaurant that evening and that they I made a spa appointment for us as well.

We booked an fordable room on Travelocity, we Received so much more!! The idea of the upgrade is very simple, lots of places do it. Go to IMAX four dollars more you can sit in vibrating seats and really feel the show. When you check-in at the airlines many times for $50 you can upgrade to a first class seat. At Disney World you can add on multiple days for just $5-$10 more a day or a park hopper pass for $35. There’s value!! When I can integrate my time, get exactly what I want, and save money I’m in it!!