Swimming & Such: Summer hair care with stylist Pam

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hair Care Tips:

The days of laying pool side have arrived and many of us can be found adorning our favorite hat or topknot style especially when swimming but did you know your hair needs just as much TLC as your skin when outdoors? That’s right! Hair needs summer love too and lets face it ladies, you spend a lot of money and time on your hair so we asked stylist Pam Byers what her top 5 summer hair care tips for clients, especially swimmers, would be and here is what she said:



1. Get a swim cap. You may say old fashion, I say hipster. Especially with all of today’s options. It is your hairs BFF when swimming, especially in a chlorinated pool.



Tap Water-hair-300x266

2. Wet your hair with tap water prior to swimming. It acts as a force fieldĀ  and can prevent hair from soaking up too much chlorine or salt.




3. Use a leave in conditioner such as Dual Senses Serum Spray (yes we have it in-salon) to build a barrier and help make hair more manageable between dips!




4. Wash your hair as soon as you can after swimming to remove chlorine or salt particles.




5. Last, if you feel like your hair could use a little extra love schedule a de-mineralizing or clarifying treatment with your next haircut appointment and let your stylist help you to cleanse your hairs palate!