4 Questions to Ask Your Hair Colorist at Your
Next Appointment

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The right hair stylist can make all the difference in the world at your next salon appointment! If you are working with a hair stylist to help you get a new color, whether it is more natural or fantasy coloring, you want to be prepared so you can love the final result. The next time you go in to discuss options with your hair colorist, consider asking the following questions:

1.   What color will look best with my skin tone? While you might have some great pictures and images of colors that you love, let your hair colorist find one that will look great on YOU. There are certain colors that look better with skin tones, and your hair colorist will be able to find a color that brings out the best in your own unique look.

2.   What kind of upkeep is required with this color? If you have a busy life (who doesn’t these days?) sometimes you might not be able to handle the time commitment that certain colors require. Your hair colorist can help you determine what colors and styles will be best for your lifestyle.

   options with your hair colorist

3.   What products will help keep this color vibrant between appointments? Certain products are better at keeping colors looking bold and vibrant, while others will simply speed up the process of fading. Let your hair colorist steer you towards quality products to protect your coloring investment.

4.   How long will this color last? There are temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair colors. What you choose will play a big part in how long your color lasts.

For more information or questions that you would like to ask your hair colorist, please contact us here at Salon Povera today!