5 Hair Myths Debunked with stylist Brittany

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As stylists we get a lot of questions so we asked our stylist Brittany to give you the lowdown on some of the more common myths we hear in the industry.

Stressful Grey

Myth- Stress causes grey hair: False! Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you fill your glass this is false. Grey hair is caused by genetics. Sure, stress is an evil thing but no need to worry that it’s aging your hair. If your mom or grandmother went grey prematurely than your chances are higher so thank your genetics for your “wisdom”.


Myth- I’m growing out my hair so the last thing I need is a haircut: False! Though trimming your tresses will not aide in hair growing faster it DOES prevent sad ends from hanging around which can slow the growth process down. So trim those ends! Your hair will still grow and it’ll be happier and healthier.. just make sure your stylist doesn’t get scissor happy in the process so be clear when discussing your end goals with your stylist!

Oily Scalp

Myth- My scalp is so oily so I do not need conditioner, right? False! We completely understand that nobody wants to have a greasy head but please, we beg of you, use your conditioner. Conditioner actually helps in more than one way. With proper use, a dime size goes a long way and keep a wide tooth comb handy to thoroughly saturate and prevent overuse. Skipping the conditioner leaves your hair unprotected and more prone to frizz and breakage. Never apply conditioner at the root, that’s where your comb comes in! At the end of the day no matter how much we may have a mental block about certain things its all about what is best for YOUR hair.



Myth: I’m expecting so I have no choice but to embrace all-natural for the next 9 months. False! We understand that when expecting your brain is flooded with concerns and the truth is, breathing in large amounts of ammonia, or any chemical for that matter, can definitely be harmful but you’re in luck as there are many options out there. In our salon we use Goldwell who makes an amazing color line, Nectaya, a superior ammonia free color option that allows you grey coverage, highlighting and much more so going all-natural is not a necessary evil.



Myth: I was told I absolutely cannot wash my hair before an up-do service. False! Of course you have the option to opt out of shampooing beforehand but please consider the amount of oil / product build up that is on your hair before making that decision. As a stylist it is much easier for me to add texture, volume and create your up-do with heat styling and support products on clean dry hair than shampooing your hair, sometimes more than once, to try and remove the build up and eat up our appointment time with blow-drying. Kick the anti-clean hair myth to the curb it will save you both time and money!